APC Back-UPS ES 700G

So, what of my Netgear ReadyNAS?  Well, I needed a better power supply.   Enter the APC Back-UPS ES 700G.TTOUln6Pvcpf-2fs7vf7JFZA-3d-3d_BigProductImage


This UPS should be able to run my NAS for about an hour without mains power.  What’s more, it has a Data power which when used with the supplied cable will attach to a UPS port on the ReadyNAS.   Once that’s done, the ReadyNAS will recognise that the UPS is attached and start working with it.

Using the ReadyNAS configuration I simply set the power threshold two 20%.  This is when the NAS will power down.  It worked right out of the box, and I didn’t need to do much.  This UPS was twice the cost of the PowerCool, but the peace of mind makes it worth the money.  If you look at the UPS, it has provision to power 8 devices, 4 will get UPS coverage, the other 4 will get surge protection only.  Frankley, I’d have been happy with a single power outlet, as I’m not intending plugging anything else into this UPS.


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