UPS fun and games continued.

As I said in an earlier blog post. The Powercool UPS’s are cheap and cheerful, but the USB device in these isn’t supported by my Netgear ReadyNAS.  My ReadyNAS is an important device on my home network as it stores my software library, film library amongst other things.   To me it’s important that this device doesn’t simply loose power if there’s a power cut.  Last week I attempted to power it from a PowerCool UPS – the power part worked fine, but the USB monitoring isn’t compatible between the UPS and the ReadyNAS.   So, the PowerCool is now providing UPS support to my home network.  Yep, if there’s a power cut, my Cable modem, Switches and Routers will stay up until my PowerCool UPS runs out.  I did purchase a second one of these, as I have network gear in two seperate places, so I have one powering a switch, router and cable modem, the other is powering a switch and router.  (basically I have network gear for each floor of my house)

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