Privacy Policy Ltd privacy policy

In order for this website to operate properly we need to collect and store some personal information as described under UK Law.


To long, didn’t read version

You know what information we have stored about you as you will have entered it.  We do not capture information by unethical means.  i.e. if you didn’t enter it, we won’t store it.

No, we don’t give information to anyone else.   If I need to do that, you’ll know about it in advance.  For example. If you want a framed photo, I may get the photo company to ship it directly to you to save time (it’s also cheaper as I won’t have to repost it), but you’ll know about that before I order stuff from them.

Getting spam e-mails or something?  we didn’t send them, we won’t do that and we won’t give your data to anyone, except for something like the mail thing above – but again, you’ll know about this in plenty of time.


Long version

Personal identifiable information is not stored unless you create an account.  The information that you enter into the account is recorded for the operation of the website to allow Ltd to provide you with the full service experience.

You will have access to your personal identifiable information via the account that you may create on the website.   Any information that you provide via e-mail will be treated as confidential and not shared with anyone that doesn’t not have an immediate need for that information.   Once the task that has required that information has been completed, the information will only be stored in relevant documentation to the original purpose and not stored anywhere else.  In addition, the information will not be kept as part of a profile.

3rd parties, generally will be denied access to all personal information.  The exception is relevant information may be passed on to a 3rd party in order to fulfil a specific task.  This will be done with consent, where consent is not given there may be extra costs involved which will be made clear before any transactions take place.

We do not use advertising engines on so things like Google AdSense will not be tracking you here.

We may place a cookie into your browser in order for some of the features of the website to work correctly (such as the comment feedback, and the shopping cart)