What’s new?

For anyone that looks at my website, over the last couple of weeks you will have noticed some changes.  blog.cjdawson.com has moved to cjdawson.com, everything is now encrypted using HTTPS rather than HTTP and I’ve got a new theme.

All of that has been done so as to raise the quality of the site.  Long term, Astronomy.cjdawson.com will be shut down as well.  The long term plan is to move the content into the main cjdawson.com site.   This site gets updated more regularly.

The changes are all being done with a goal to start selling some software via my website.   The first piece of software is a tool for developers.  It’s a database patching program, more details for that will be coming later.   I’ve been working on and with it for the last few years and frankly it seems to be a robust solution to every patching problem that I’ve had so far.

In addition, I’ve come to realise that I have a number of skills that people can benefit from.  However, things like my photography skills cost me money, for equipment and storage space.  So, I think it’s good for my to offer my services for a modest fee.

My skills are a pretty all round set of IT related skills.  Basically everything from PC Installation, repair and upgrade.  Support, for windows, mac and iOS software (also some android, but I’m not as familiar with that side of things)  In addition to those usual skills.   I’ve also got experience with digital photography.  This has been ramping up over the last year or so.  I’d love to use my skills to produce some create content for people, as well as pursuing my own personal projects.  I’ve also got skills with capturing audio and video content.  I’d like to make better use of these skills.   This website is an engine for that.


Plenty more to come and it’s going to take a while to build everything that I have in the pipeline.

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