Initial construction, getting the camera setup working.

Whilst you would think this is the hard part. This really could not be much easier.

Firstly, I started by installing Raspbian 64Bit lite onto an SD 128Gb SanDisk Extreme Pro Micro SD Card. Whilst installing the OS Using the Rasbian Imager, I set the hostname, Wifi and turned on SSH. Doing all of this, means that the PI will connect directly to my Wifi network, it will also have a hostname set so that I can connect to and use the PI.

After booting up the PI, I run APT Update then Apt Upgrade to make sure everything is fully up to date. (It’s always good to start with the latest version of everything.

Next is to get the camera up and runnning. Since I’m using a ZWO ASI462MC, this is actually very easy. I simply followed the instructions on this page

I also installed the WebGui, this will make configuration much much easier. All the instructions are provided in the link above.

That’s all there is to it. The camera is now setup and running, the all sky software is running and taking pictures of my living room (since the camera is indoors at the moment) I’ve also got the temperature of the CCD showing on the screen.

This really could not have gone easier. Love the project, it’s a fantastic starting point for my all-sky-camera setup.

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