Bonus project

After writing the Sensors post. I got to thinking about that project and thought, if I got another set of those sensors and hooked them up to a Raspberry Pico W. I could create a device that will capture all the same data and make it available when I’m at Star Parties. The Wifi module in the Pico, could be used to connect to a Wifi connection (my phone, portable router, or something similar) and create a small web server that will make those figures available.

Why would this be useful? On those nights that I’m at the start party, I can log the sky data and publish the data live too, so that I can tell when sitting in the caravan with the blinds closed, if the sky is clear or not, so that I can then know if it’s time to start or stop imaging, of indeed if it’s time to cover the scopes over for the night.

Add a RTC Clock, and an SD card, and I can log the data in real time too. Could go even further and add a GPS, so that I can capture the site location and elevation too!

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