So far, I’ve been following the instructions from

I will be installing a BME280 – temperature, humidity and pressure, VEML7700 – Digital Light Sensor and a GY906 – Infrared Thermometer and Ambient Sensor.

However, this is where my build is going to start to differ from the project that I’ve shown above. I will not be using Home Assistant for my camera.

Instead, the plan is to have the All-Sky-Camera deal with everything itself.

I’m going to create a data logging file that will contain the information that the sensors can get. The plan is to get as many pieces of information as I can, and put them together to make it easy to do things with them. Here’s what I’m planning on capturing.

  1. BME280 – Ambient Temperature, Humidity and pressure
  2. VEML7700 – Sky brightness (Lux)
  3. GY906 – Sky temperature and ambient temperature
  4. ZWO Camera – Camera Temperature
  5. Raspberry PI, Disk Space, CPU Temp. Memory Usage

All of this information will be published to a text file, which I will then be able to access for other purposes.

Using the Temperature and humidity from the BME280. I’m going to calculate the Dew Point. This will then allow me to control a relay that will turn a dew heater on and off.

Whilst I’m at it. I’m going to add a Sky Quality Meter as well, based on this project

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