New mainboard

I hit several limits with the original mainboard on my printer. Firstly the firmware was busting the limits of the board. There was no space for any further changes to the printer. In short it was ok but there was no room to improve things further.

enter the BigTreeTech SKR 2.0 Rev B. so what’s the difference from my original board?

extra stepper motor. Allows a second extruder.

extra hot end heater. Allows for a secon nozzle.

led pin outs.

two filament runout sensors

and it’s a 32 bit processor with lots of room for the firmware.

The board that I received is a victim of the worldwide chip shortage. So whilst the board was advertised as a 168mhz processor, mine is actually 190mhz!

it took me a couple of days to do the mainboard change (needed to make end stop adapters, print a new enclosure and take the printer apart, retire the BL touch).

the end result is that I’m now able to run Marlin 2, and have a filament runout sensor.

not to mention room to upgrade. I planning on adding that second extruder, so I can do duel colour printing.

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