What will my PI be for?

Raspberry PI logoWhat use is the Raspberry PI for me?   The biggest surprise for this little device is that is has the graphics capability to play full 1080P HD movies. Combine that it’s cheap, low power consumption and yet has enough power to play full HD content.  This device could shape up to be a really nice media streaming device.


Indeed that is what the Raspbmc project is all about.  This project is going to be fantastic once it’s out of beta. Just think about this for a moment XMBC running on a PI.  This silent device, yes silent.  No moving parts at all. Providing a way to use the PI as a complete media streaming solution.  This project alone really does take the biscuit.  It’s brilliant.


I have a collection of about 150 DVD’s, these are clotting up my living room.  Well actually I already ripped them to be WMV files but they won’t play on the PI, (something about codec licensing)  But having a media centre where I can watch and Film, iPlayer and even use the AirPlay features of my iPhone, this is really going to be something to watch.

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