Raspberry Pi Launched

Today sees the launch of the Raspberry Pi. This device is small and for a computer cheap.  It dispenses with most of the hardware that fully fledged PC’s have but contains the essentials.  It has a graphics card with HDMI output.  Network port, USB ports and an SD card slot.  the idea is that the SD Card will contain the operating system and boot from there.

This little board promises to inspire a generation, dare I say… in the way that the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and BBC Micro did in the 80’s.

I have registered my interest in this little box and will be very interested to see what it’s possible to do with this thing.  Immediately, I’ll be looking to get this thing working with a media centre to stream video to a TV.  Also, I’ll be very interested in seeing if that little device can be programmed up in a way that it can work outside with my Telescope.  Just imagine, a fully robotic telescope like they have in observatories running from a Raspberry Pi.  All, I’d need is a USB-RS232 converter a wireless network card, USB Hub and some software to capture video from a Meade DSI or my Philips Toucam pro II.

I can also see a lot of professionals getting hold of this device as well, some to tinker with it themselves, others to make up libraries to make it easier for kids to get going with this thing.

Could this thing also be the “only computer” is some houses too!  Now how’s that for a thought.  It would make for a wonderful entry level device.

2 Responses to “Raspberry Pi Launched

  • How much luck have you had with the RP and your Philips Toucam pro II ??
    I have just got my RP and tried to connect the webcam (I have two of these from way back), but having issues.
    fswebcam reports bad pixel format when I try to capture an image.
    Did you have better success?

    • Actually, this is something that I have never tried. I was thinking about waiting for the official RPI camera. This isn’t something that I have actively tried. Been to interested in getting my RPI’s working with RASPBmc. Now they are both working with that I’m happy they’re doing everything I’d planned for them. Am thinking about getting another RPI so that I can look seriously at hooking it up as a guide camera, with serial connection to my relay box, and a camera for guiding with – the internal camera would be good if I’m able to hook the whole thing up to to the scope. Would be fantastic to be able to have it show a wide field of view in the guide scope that I so that I can pick a guide star. Maybe one day. At the moment, more interested in doing the clear sky dance, something to do with constant cloud cover.

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