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After receiving this comment.  I initially posted back saying that I wasn’t interested in making any money from my site.  But then, over the last two weeks I started to think, well if someone really wishes to throw money at me, why should I stop them?   Before I go on, I’d like to state that I am not interested in making money from the site.  I have no interest in turning this into a business.    I decided to do this because I like doing things that I have not done before.

After looking at this a little it seems extremely straight forward.  I found a walkthrough which I intend to follow and see if I can make it work.  This is easier because I already have a business account with paypal (although I never made anything from it yet.)

Paypay have changed their site, so the walkthrough isn’t quite as straight forward as it was before, the options are still there, just in a different place.  I needed to hunt through the getting started area for mechants to find it.

Once I’d managed to complete the donate button creation page, it gave me the options as in the original post.

I managed to make the button like this…



Unlike the walkthrough, you don’t need to switch to the HTML view to make this button work.  It’s possible to do it all through the wordpress editors, so you don’t need to be an HTML wiz.

So, what about the changes? I mentioned differences, but didn’t bother to explain them in this post? Fear not, I’ll do a separate post with a complete walkthrough.

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