The desk project continued.

It didn’t take as long as I thought. Combined my reward point from my credit card, some money that I got from selling an old phone, some money that I got from the utility company for screwing up, and a 25% discount as the items were on sale and I only had to pay about £15 for the desk! However there is a catch. It took 3 days for the desk to fully arrive.

It was supposed to be delivered on the Monday. But it never showed, Argos had no intention of delivering on that day, even though they offered that date on their system. So, immediately the refunded the delivery charge and promised a £20 gift card as a sorry, but I wasnt happy because of the lost day. I kept complaining and they said they’d refund the cost of the desk (£52.46) the desk arrived, but two parts were damaged. Do next day the replaced te damaged parts, I currently have the desk in boxes at my house unopened.

In all I should by getting about £76 back from Argos. That money I’m going to use to buy a decent chair to use with the desk.

Also, when I get back home. I have to open each box and inspect the contents for damage, the boxes are intact, but that says nothing about the contents.

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