Logitech mx-620

Logitech mx-620

I have a Logitech MX620 mouse that I use with my Macbook pro. This is a 5 button wireless USB mouse. It uses 2 AA batteries and a set of good batteries can last for over a year.

I have taken to uses Logitech mice like this one through playing World of warcraft. This allows me to programme several functions in the game direct to the mouse saving some with keypresses.

Having used this mouse for a year now, I can highly recommend it. The battery life is nothing short of excellent, the responsiveness is just like a wired mouse. The only thing that I don’t like is the size of the little USB Plug, I wish is was small enough to plug into the laptop and forget about it, but sticking out about an inch, means that I need to remove it from the port every time I move my laptop. This is a minor irritation and can live with it.

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