Workstation setup

In order to get working on this properly, I wish to setup a proper workstation that I can use for creative stuff. I already have a PC setup in my back bedroom, however this is cluttered and geared towards PC gaming. My gaming setup has no real desktop space. Also as is typical with lots of home computer setups leg space is limited because the under desk space is used up to store a printer scanner.

My goals with this first project is to create a computer setup that is not cluttered, has room for all the stuff and allows plenty of leg room too. To help make this work area work properly, I have already been thinking about it for a while, nothing specific except for the list of stuff that I’d like to have close to hand.

This list is:

  • MacBook Pro
  • Laptop cooler
  • Wacom Cintiq
  • Epson DX8400 printer scanner
  • Mouse
  • Canon 30D Camera
  • iPhone universal dock
  • Paper and spare cartridges for the printer.
  • a space for writing properly hand written stuff.

Network connection is already in place as a Wireless connection in my house. Notice that there is no mention of CD’s and stuff like that. This is deliberate as I want to keep this workstation clean, the moment that CD/DVD’s start to appear, the workstation tends to get messy.

There are things about me that will also affect how things are setup. Firstly I have a distaste for pull out drawers. These tend to break, so in my opinion this is a non starter. Also I’m left handed, so my desk will need to be setup for my personal style. I use a mouse with my right hand, but a pen with my left.

I wish that my workstation is ergonomic and has a good flow. This needs to be a natural and pleasurable place to work and enjoy.

So what are the key considerations that I need to take into account?

  • mouse on the right side of my desk.
  • Legroom
  • space needed to allow the Cintiq to stand upright or layed flat.
  • printer to be easy to access

Over the next few posts I’ll take a look at each piece of equipment that I want to have in my workstation. The purpose is to understand each part of the puzzle.  To understand each piece of kit enough so that I can locate it correctly in place and be happy with the overall setup. I also don’t want any surprises when I setup the workstation.

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